Riot stance on disconnecting clearly lost games

What is Riot's stance on this. First game of the day in normal play mode; 3 minutes in the game support tells the adc shes crap, they die and feed their lane muliple times. Not long later I chose to overstay and die to my midlane counterpart. While going to lane the jungle attacks him under his turret and obviously dies. Support by then chose to not only tell the adc shes crap but also chose to abandon the lane entirely, he comes in my lane, takes the shutdown gold velkoz had for the 2 kills on me and the jungler, and dies to the velkoz aswel. So I had an enemy midlaner with 3 kills and no shutdown gold, an jungler who was feeding and an flaming and inting botlane. We had an kill difrence of around 15 12 minutes in the game and I chose to just disconnect and do something usefull with my time instead. What is Riots policy on this? Cause I dont want to play these toxic games anymore. Especially since the toxic person doing this ALWAYS holds you hostage on the concede request.
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