(BANNED) Riot's investigation system is unjust

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"So I just logged in after not playing for about 5 months, and at that time I had to recover my account because apparently it had been stolen and that person even moved my account to another region. So after I recovered I played for a few days, which i didn't flame at all, just chill games. And now, after 5 months, I feel like playing again and I found my account banned, apparently for being really toxic, and the log that it displayed to me was unfamiliar since I dont recall ever typing those things." - This is what I wrote to riot after that happened They don't really do a throughout investigation and just cast you aside after you have given your statements , which in a way it's understandable since they go through a lot of these cases each day, but in the end it's still unjust. I did flame back in the day when i used to be a dedicated player, and had my account suspended because it, but since then I didn't show any type of flame from me (whenever I felt frusterated from a comment from someone in a match, I just muted that person and continued playing). But despite my past mistakes, they are irrelevant in this current case, since I'm the victim in this situation for having my account stolen. I tried asking them for the dates of the log that was shown to me, since I am certain that it was when my account wasn't in my possesion, but they said that they couldn't disclose that information due to privacy policy reasons. I know that this is not relevant in any way, but I would like to leave a note that I've spent over 1200 euros on the account, and thousands of hours of dedication put towards it, even if in the present I dont play as much. Obviously I'm not going back to LoL (not that anyone cares) after having a lot of progress in my (now banned) account. I just decided to leave this here just to keep an archive of the fate that has been delivered to me on this day. I bid you all farewell.
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