Repercussions for reports regarding trolling, AFK and inting - (solution to a long standing issue?)

As we all know, in 10 matches you're bound to meet at least (... but rather likely more than..) 1 player who will flame, go AFK and/or go inting and possibly do other various trolly things. A solution for this would be, for those reports that goes through and a player gets warned, force them to play an exponentially increased amount of normal games(temp. lose access to ranked que) relative to the "valid" reports and warnings attached to that specific account. Bing bam boom, then they can troll in normals and if they do, that they'll get an even greater amount of normal games forced upon their account. In addition to that I'd also wanna suggest that said amount of normal games gets reduced by a certain amount every day so that you don't build up too large an amount of normal games since anyone can get super tilted, which a/a few day(s) might "cure". Gimme some feedback, whatcha all think about this? :)
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