The "false support"

Hey there! I'd like to talk about an issue i am experiencing quite a lot since the "non-support" queue times got little longer. I t mostly happens in normals but in these last times I'm seeing it in many rankeds too: the support of our team picks a high damage champions ( if we are lucky stuff like Annie, Brand, Lux.. If we are not I even saw things like Jarvan, Le Blanc, I had a Teemo), he doesn't buy {{item:2049}}, steals farm from adc, tries to last-hit all the kills he can, builds full ap/ad, never wards, never buys utility items that could be needed ( like Mikael or Solari...) by the team, of course he would never peel for anyone. Naturally, 90 % of this games are lost: our starved adc will have no damage so we will lack dps, having not enough vision will result in the loss of objectives like drake, baron and buffs, and the lack of utility will make for us nearly impossible to teamfight, unless we had the luck of having a heavy utility top, mid and jungler. The lack of Sighstone translate often in a feeding bot-lane gangbanged non-stop by midlaners and junglers. In most cases these guys in the end will flame everyone making us notice how he got high damage and has BIG KILLS so we surely didn't lost for his fault. Now, i asked myself, and want to ask you: is this behaviour worth of a punishment? From one side, you are going where the system put you, so one could think there is no reportable offense. From the other side though we must notice the support is the only position that is not described as a place on the map, but as a role itself: according to system you have to support. I think we can all agree these guys are doing everything but supporting their team.. So, I'd like to know: what is "supporting" for Riot? It's clear that if u are toplane you must go in top, if you are jungle you have to go in jungle,ecc... if you are support what's the behaviour that can separate who is playing normally and who is not playing according to their role?Is there any, or I can just do a half second queue instead of having to wait 10 minutes to play as a damage dealer like every other position? Ps: sorry for bad english! pps: i hope this is the right section..
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