Flashin yer masteries

Hi people. Now his is a strange rant but what are your thoughts on people flashing their masteries at you? Bizarre I know and yeah I get that mind games and posturing are not only a part of this game but all sports, but there are some times it gets to me. Let's say I'm playing mid, someone kinda immobile like viegar and I'm already behind or maybe stupidly overextended. Then I get tanked by the top lanes who kills me. Scenario 1: top laner is playing evenly or is at least playing a high / medium skill champion and they get the jump on me and I die. Flashing your masteries is cool, you did well gratz. Scenarios 2: top laner is a 10 kill fed riven who can one destroy pretty much anyone on the team with no trouble. Nice one for flashing your masteries dude, so hard to play well on riven :p. This goes to all cheese champs that basically require an understanding of what damage that champ can take and dish out but very little actual skill (I'm talking garen, trynd, teemo etc..) This is not a rant against cheese champs, they have a purpose and that's perfectly fine, just I feel flashing yer masteries on em is kinda stupid. Like it doesn't really make you look good, just that you spend a lot of time playing easy champs :p.
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