Banned 'MMR Boosting'

Hi, First I want to disclaim that English isn't my first language so some sentences or words can be misplaced. But yesterday morning I was in class and wanted to check out something in my loot system, only to see I was banned with the reason of 'MMR Boosting'. When I first saw this message I was kinda surprised and shocked. I've played this game for over 4 years. Never been boosting anyone or have been boosted. I've spend alot of money and time into my account therefore I don't feel well lending it out being afraid it'll get hacked or some kind. Here are some links to my account: In Game one Op.GG one (Name, xZoe) (The missing part if anyone was wondering about previous season ranks) (Win rates and champions played) (Monthly graph of the rank) I've already send a support ticket to support service, but haven't got any new information about the issue. First I want to start about the roles that I play. I am a support main, but I do play other roles aswell. I practise these roles in flex, normals and on other accounts before I play them in ranked. If you look to the win rates I would the Wukong one is highest. Personally I found it very difficult to carry with the support role in gold elo, so I figured I'd play some other roles in ranked. Some did and some didn't work out. After watching and reading guides on Wukong top like for example: ( and: ( I was pretty pumped to try it, and with succes. But then again, I have played Wukong before on this account and on other accounts, so it's not out of the blue. (For me that is) So maybe some information around the wukong. Last ranked games where 3 draven games 3 days ago, I played these because I had an 'You have to play in x amount of days' notification. played 2 more because the support on the lost game wanted to duo, seemed okay to me. If the problem is IP wise. I have an laptop so I do play at friends sometimes. Since I couple of months ago I am using Nvidia Geforce NOW, and I heard that the IP adress is else from my own adress but I don't have much knowledge around that topic. I know this post isn't gonna resolve the ban. But I just felt like making it because I am just kinda pissed about it. I've read around the boards that more people had this problem. Despite the reason that I haven't played that much ranked this season, the whole reason of playing were the rewards. So it's kind off more sharing my feeling and thoughts around it. But thank you in regards for reading this and have a nice day.
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