How do I deserve this and when Riot gonna do something about it? That is my most recent match, ANOTHER one like this or I'd rather say another in a row. How do I deserve to get such players and why riot won't finally get rid of them or create a special division where they all would be thrown into? I started game, at min 5:00 (being level 4) **Pyke** went afk. **Hecarim** died two times (before 5:00 min) to jungle camps (in ranked, wtf?), then started feeding lanes in the way you can't really call a gank. **Teemo** was dying all the time but still kept pushing forward under enemy turret, ending up eventually 1/10. And **Veigar** was farming all the time, it was literally only thing he was doing and got his kills in some easy stupid ways like stunning some enemy under turret while laser was hitting them. I had positive kda for most of the time but eventually they started to focus me after somehow I got drake and pushed 1 or 2 turrets down. But hey, is it something wrong with me being tilted when I'm winning a lane 1 vs 2 and they are losing theirs 1 vs 1 and jungler is feeding birds, gromps or what-******-ever killed him there? When this **** gonna change ? I feel like im being punished in this game for no reason... and trust me, I saw a real born-to-be-trolls that were getting real good teams all the time which carried them, and I can't get AT LEAST a normal team? WHY?....
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