Open letter to the community and Riot

Dear reader(s), I would like to take a couple of things out of my chest regarding the evolution of this game and its community. Before that, a short introduction about myself : I've been playing since s3, and have been playing on and off over the years, I'm not a professional or a high elo player, merely high gold - low plat is where I usually land, and perhaps that's what I deserve. My main concern here is that the game has evolved in such a way that it can't be called a game anymore. I have no idea what's happening in higher elo's such as challenger and whatnot, but the majority of the players are around the silver-gold-plat area and we all experience the same things : Flipcoin games. Those games aren't decided by the difference of skills and teamwork or objective focus, no. Those game are decided by which team has a bigger amount of trolls or an afk (maybe more) or someone who's tilted out of his eyeballs, making the rest of the game unplayable, and sadly losing your hard earned LP for nothing. It's rather unfair not only to have those kind of people in my team, but to be against those people is also disturbing because the whole point of the game is gone. And in most occasions you just get mad and furious about a game because you just wanted to have a little fun. Now I know there might not be a solution for this and any possible things we can think of might be abused in 1030540 different ways, but I personally cannot go further with this bullshit. Something went out of control and no one knows who can be blamed for it, but if things go the way they are going right now, I don't think League will ever have a bright future (Especially with the possibility of Fortnite kids joining League someday). The matchmaking sucks, the balancing team are doing a crappy job, and it feels as if nobody cares about fixing the ranked systems. Can some of it be fixed at least? I believe so in all honesty unless proven wrong which I'm all open for. I mean, you can atleast get a Loss Prevented if you get a legitimate troll, not someone who's just having a bad game but someone who legitimately do troll stuff, or someone who dc's or quits the game cause he's tilted. Where's the fault of the rest of the team for that? What did the team do to deserve this waste of time and losing the LP? I mean I just threw an idea here it might get abused if someone finds a way but come on it is a start isn't it? Also, wtf happened to the report system? I consider myself a positive player, I barely flame, I barely put negative remarks during games, but if I mention just a few facts about why having a Tristana as a jungler who went afk for the first 3 minutes kinda destroyed the whole early phase of the game is considered flaming and I get a chat restriction for that? Please. In any way, I have a lot more to say but I'm not I can put it in positively so I'm out of this shit, it's been ages since I've had really good, enjoyable games and this just makes me more pissed every time. Riot, we all know you suck but it's time to lay down on the coffee donuts and cigarettes and try working on a game you have called League of Legends, try fixing the broken things before trying to come up with new broken things, because you're currently adding gasoline to a wildfire and it's just a matter of time when things will really start getting out of control. This is J3wishMilkman, hope you guys have great games ahead and hopefully you'll find the means to stop wasting time in this shit. Love y'all <3
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