How to deal with people who are spamming "report this guy for feeding"

Hi there! I've been playing League for a long time now (maybe too long), and I've seen many players spamming: "report him for feeding!!!1!" and I never understood what was going on in their heads. 9 out of 10 of these cases the player who is "feeding" is obviously having a bad game (or day) and isn't intentionally trying to ruin the game. I'm trying to defend them but it doesn't help a single bit. I often even see them saying: "report this guy and [my summoner name]" in all chat. So my question is: "What to say or do when people like this are flaming on the supposedly 'intentional' feeders?" I hope people understand and please don't comment if you are one of these flamers hehe... Thanks for listening, Ogden
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