Thoughts on permabanned logs?

Happened quite awhile ago, still salty about it as I feel like it's unjustified. Game 1 In-Game Pyrosen: looks like cams getting a phat leash Pyrosen: ill tank Pyrosen: u could follow up Pyrosen: but that's just me Pyrosen: i pinged to go in and you stood still csing lol Pyrosen: stop blaming me B Pyrosen: he can't see Pyrosen: when hes blind Pyrosen: B Pyrosen: looks like im adc Pyrosen: na im plat Pyrosen: dont know Pyrosen: sr Pyrosen: i'm not trolling lol Pyrosen: you can ask anyone on my team Pyrosen: cait is flaming Pyrosen: not my fault you can't cs Pyrosen: and we're the ones trolling Pyrosen: look at cait Pyrosen: lol Pyrosen: >toxic Pyrosen: >refuses to play the game Pyrosen: >waawaa graves ruin game Pyrosen: you're the one being pathetic Pyrosen: lol Pyrosen: but w/e muted Pyrosen: we don't have an adc if i don't cs Pyrosen: so sorry Pyrosen: she's talking to jax Pyrosen: i got flash on the wrong key Pyrosen: feelsbad Pyrosen: can you? Pyrosen: o Pyrosen: whoops Pyrosen: Cait was flaming since the lobby started, called me a boosted ape then refused to play the game because I took teleport Pyrosen: Ran to other lanes to ruin the game for other people, so I'm not sure Pyrosen: You can report me if you want but I'm a friendly player :) Pyrosen: that's a good summary for this round Pyrosen: gj guys Pyrosen: diana si so strong tis patch Pyrosen: idk why Pyrosen: probably a big benefitter of the new items Pyrosen: 0 - 5 to 6 - 5 Pyrosen: ezpz Pyrosen: cait afk :*( Pyrosen: so sad to have the game ruined for 9 others by 1 person Pyrosen: 10 seconds Pyrosen: ggwp Post-Game Pyrosen: 0 - 7 Pyrosen: flamed the entire game Pyrosen: and went afk Pyrosen: i dunno Pyrosen: zed was joking Pyrosen: cait was toxic and went afk Pyrosen: ?? Pyrosen: you went mid at 5 minutes Pyrosen: flamed since the lobby started Pyrosen: lol Pyrosen: yo went afk lad Pyrosen: ur the one getting punished Pyrosen: :< Pyrosen: o well Pyrosen: classic league In my eyes, I called someone intentionally feeding & AFK pathetic and I was punished for describing their behaviour, could of been friendlier sure but >Perma ban worthy< I lost my P2 account from this
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