My account was hacked and it got banned!

I played on this account for like 1-2 years, my account's password was always the same on all my accounts, I played on this account maybe 4-5 hours a day, but when Fork Knife game came out, I started playing it full time and I stopped playing league for 5-6 months and 3-4 weeks ago I was trying to play league but I couldn't login to my account, so I thought I couldn't remember it, so I tried to login on my other account that had the same password and It worked, so what I thought after that was that someone hacked my account and FINALLY after 2 weeks of trying to get my account back I logged in and I saw that my account was Permanently Banned for Toxic behavior, *Alsoooo, my accounts name was XpertAmar (EUNE), I would appreciate if you could do something to get my account back or to make a copy of it! Thanks!
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