im 0/4, i did nothing wrong

the sole reason why league is in the horrid state it is, because riot endorces this behaviour, even rewards it "im 0/4, i did nothing wrong" /all Report team toxic pls this right here is the mindset and behaviour of +90% of league comunity. They think going 0/4 is fine, you are not the one who ruined the game, its the 4/0 top laner who is flaming you for ruining the game and will lose cuz of you. All they do is /all report team toxic, and go next game, thinking they did nothing wrong, and they will do it again, and again, and again.... but it gets worse, since riot actually rewards people for this behaviour. you see, you can int 200-500 games in row without punishment (tested, currently at 292) and if you just keep being positive, riot wont ever punish you, but in contrary, will give you tons of free skins, keys, loot, honnor rewards (the 292 int account is currently honnor lvl 4). The most disgusting thing is that these people who go 0/6 adc, they feel like victims, not like culprits. I personally have no clue how someones brain can repress reality behind ego this much but, i not a psychologist so who knows... but yeah, if you ever wonder why your win rate is 45%, why you cant climb, why everyone flames you every game, remember, you are not the problem, because you are 0/4 and you did nothing wrong, you probably lose cuz enemys smurf or something, totally not your inting
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