Early season 9 in a nutshell

Being held hostage every promos series by a person threatening to troll and feed. Why should i play with blue ezreal support with barrier???? And i have a choice here i know. I can take a loss or dodge and lose promos. The point is what sane and normal person would take this ****. Early season 9 is just unplayable in ranked. Im being flamed and held hostage every second game. Every time there is a problem in champ select. And im forced to dodge the trolls/tilted players. And this is not the players problem. Its Riots. Lets punish players who dodge, hell lets break their legs and burn their houses down!! If u thought u can dodge naahhh, you lose 5 billion lp and have a loss in promos series. FOR WHAT??? Because some mentally ill person decides to take nunu sup with smite and follow you around????? Rework the dodge penalties and introduce champ select report/mute!!!
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