Permaban for having enough

So i was playing yesterday and like all other league games there is on or two players that just has to start something. Eventually u get enough and defend u self in what ever way is possible. Psychological abuse is promoted by riot, if u mute someone and they are toxic u cant report them since u dont see what they type. If you start to defend u self you eventually get banned, according to riot they dont care who starts it so wether ur called N word or %%%got they dont do anything. Sad to see what this company has become , you are forced to auto mute all as soon as you start the game or else you risk getting banned. Trolls even starts at champ select either by banning your picked champ or they pick a troll champ, anyways im gonna post what ive typed and u decide. This after my jungler feeds and top then they encourage others to report me for losing lane... Game 1 In-Game EnVen0m: did i do something wrong ? EnVen0m: yi mid free kill EnVen0m: its a bit sad EnVen0m: the entiure game EnVen0m: ffs im team less EnVen0m: seriously EnVen0m: its a gg EnVen0m: 4 kills mid EnVen0m: l,mao EnVen0m: u know EnVen0m: i dominated ekko EnVen0m: then my jungler just decided t ogive him the lead and thats it EnVen0m: dude ur beyond bad tbh EnVen0m: have u been watching ryze ? EnVen0m: oh i despise u people who go with the the CS talk EnVen0m: been playing vs 2 since start EnVen0m: dude ur beyond help EnVen0m: ur the reason for thi EnVen0m: yea EnVen0m: du bist talking to much scheise EnVen0m: dude EnVen0m: im so gonna report u EnVen0m: for being the reason for this then trash talking EnVen0m: i mean ur kind are puire cancer for this game EnVen0m: u gave my mid laner 3 kills EnVen0m: twice early and u kept dying for no reason EnVen0m: its over told u 15min ago EnVen0m: 9x me for what reaons EnVen0m: for losing a lane that my jungler fed ? EnVen0m: man this game is so %%%in toxic EnVen0m: yea
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