Bullying in League still really bad.

Ok, so i know that League does remove players and bans people from the game for tyheir wrong doings. Yet almost nothing has changed. I have my main account in eune and honestly i´ve never seen a game with such high bullying rates. I had a bad game where the entire team, including me, fed. I had a pretty bad start where i got ganked twice thus lost my lane with 2/0 vs 0/2, me being the ladder. From there on i started having trouble farming and it got to the point where i could easily be taken down under turret from full lives by my laner and enemy jungler. The problem was, my score was very much like the rest of my team´s, where the average at my team was like 1/7 or so. My score was 0/7 by the end of the game, which, i know, is pretty bad but even with a score like this, bullying isn´t justified by any means. I ended up muting everyone and going afk by the end of the game, because i was blamed for everything, even to them dieing to their own laners without me even being near them or ever being to their lane. When i went AFK, it didn´t stop, because now they had to make sure enemy team also reports me, i didn´t say a word until the end of the game after going afk, but apparently i was constantly inting, flameing everyone and so on. I muted everyone and reported them after game while probably every single other person reported me. But the result of this game made me honestly want to quit. Almost every single game I have someone gets flamed, no matter which side, blue or red, no matter who, it´s always very sad to look at and I wish it could be changed somehow.
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