Riot is forcing 50% winrate with intentional matchmaking.

It was worse and worse every season, but now it's just too obvious to leave it untold. I won 2 ranked games. I had to try hard and do my best to actually outplay my opponents. Unfortunately Riot doesn't like people to get too good games. So next game I got a guy who was my support as Morgana. Fine pick. Considering veigar was an enemy support. And now we come across that beautiful bronze 5 reality even though Im in gold (kids boosted by dynamicq strikes again even more than ever). Morgana takes tp and ignite as summoners and gets sapphire crystal as first item. Then just steals every single farm I can get and just walks into enemy auto attacking and giving them kills. Not a single black shield casted in whole game. Did I mentioned she went fevor of battle as keystone mastery? And of course a master yi top who thought it's a good idea to go full yolo all the time he backs on lane against garen. So I'm not allowed to climb, because I can't have a winrate better than average of 50-52% at best. It's better to toss toxic people who flame, ruin my game with their trolling or are boosted from bronze 5 to my mmr. This is pretty obvious that Riot knows who is boosted, who is a troll that ruins games, but does nothing with it so they can match people like them with a player that won too many games in a row. That's why intentional feeders and trolls are not getting banned ever. That's why people who got boosted (now legaly due to dynamicq) are still running rampart in every division. Don't tell me it's a bad game. Those people are constant trolls or boosted players who ruin games everyday. In this season it's just too obvious. Riot just controls people winrates by matching players that give their best with trolls and toxic people. Their system to detect intentional feeding and trolling is fine. They just use it not to punish them, but just to know who to match with a good player that was doing great thx to his own effort.
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