Just got this warning

Justgot a warning about a coment i made in a boards.Just wanna ask, what exactlu is offensive in my coment? "Oh i see you are a Bronze.Let me tell you something and its nothing personal.Every season we, the junglers<have the most changes, nerf and other bulshit to deal with.Now we are on support level gains, so it means every lane, even bot lane have this advantage.WE have to fight for our buffs with teammates and with opponents.We hade the scutjle change this season.We have to track enemy jungler and provide help for other 4 people and farm at the same time.The problem is that in bronze, silver and even in gold elo players don't want to learn.They dont ward, dont track, and even if i telll my teammates where is enemy jungler, they still go push or over exstand and still die to a gank.Junglers dont have lane presure, we have mental presure, and we exel on enemy mistake.A good jungler will make you tilt like crazy."
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