Funny joke riot...

Hello guys ! I m writing because i want to know where i have flamed in these 3 games... Game 1 Pre-Game JJunGGler: can i top or mid ;P? JJunGGler: Yeah if you can ;D In-Game JJunGGler: btw lee is my favourite champ <3 op JJunGGler: well JJunGGler: So true JJunGGler: i was afk JJunGGler: are you blind? JJunGGler: lol you have 2 kikllls XD JJunGGler: 2 kills for free thanks these 0 iq ekko from bot JJunGGler: but you still doing nothing JJunGGler: lolz JJunGGler: Ekkko JJunGGler: Can you stop? JJunGGler: kassa have 3 kills thanks you JJunGGler: Just start using brain JJunGGler: And this will be ok JJunGGler: bot.. JJunGGler: can you rep these premades from bot? JJunGGler: Wtf JJunGGler: what was that JJunGGler: xDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDddd JJunGGler: thanks me they even died JJunGGler: meh JJunGGler: 0/5 2/5 JJunGGler: Op JJunGGler: can i blue? JJunGGler: ty JJunGGler: top JJunGGler: why you are feeding to JJunGGler: why you can play defensive JJunGGler: can t * JJunGGler: You couldn't ... you died JJunGGler: stfu JJunGGler: mute bye JJunGGler: Rep ekko and kog ty JJunGGler: Flame,spaming,inthing... JJunGGler: ..... JJunGGler: You had red llee JJunGGler: ez as %%%%/%%%% JJunGGler: Worth JJunGGler: ez JJunGGler: Lets group.. JJunGGler: if i will die then you will lost JJunGGler: ... JJunGGler: wait on me JJunGGler: push JJunGGler: kog or ekko are flaming? JJunGGler: idk i muted them JJunGGler: why are you fighting without me JJunGGler: you dont want win it yes? JJunGGler: If yes then just say it JJunGGler: I can go afk if you wan t lee JJunGGler: you know we had chance to took baron? JJunGGler: and yes i know thanks you for it JJunGGler: gg 3 v 6 JJunGGler: 3 v 8 * fak if almost JJunGGler: 7 * JJunGGler: gg JJunGGler: :DD:D:D:D:D JJunGGler: :DDDDDDDDDDDDD Game 2 Pre-Game JJunGGler: last pick why not JJunGGler: Nope JJunGGler: Sure ;) its normal idc JJunGGler: I just need lvl on rankeds JJunGGler: Btw i m tank JJunGGler: So if you want you can take assasin jg ;) JJunGGler: Faak it JJunGGler: Nasus xD JJunGGler: Mhm okey lets try talon vs nasus JJunGGler: Dude i know but anyway thanks ;) In-Game JJunGGler: Meh bad dog JJunGGler: i wanted to play talon JJunGGler: but you took nasus JJunGGler: meh JJunGGler: 13 hp why not ;f JJunGGler: what XD? JJunGGler: i flashed and you teleported with me X?D JJunGGler: Can we just ff 15 ? No sense to still try JJunGGler: ... all time 1 v 2 eh wards didnt work they have very mobility champs JJunGGler: And let nasus stack JJunGGler: Good idea JJunGGler: And again JJunGGler: 2 mins to ff or gl 3 v 5 ;P JJunGGler: Curently idc JJunGGler: Nasus is feeded JJunGGler: Kassa is feeded JJunGGler: Quinn is feeded JJunGGler: every one are feeded JJunGGler: ban X?D in league? JJunGGler: Funny joke bro JJunGGler: League of legends have wortst banning system i have ever seen JJunGGler: Ye ye JJunGGler: Idc JJunGGler: Sure then after next die i will go afk ;) gl 3 v 5 JJunGGler: Waste more time JJunGGler: ;D JJunGGler: Cry more JJunGGler: Did you even gank top one time? JJunGGler: No so shut up JJunGGler: WW was there 4 times kaassa 2 quinn 1 JJunGGler: So shut up ;) JJunGGler: If you want we can 1 v 1 after game JJunGGler: There is difrence about playing 1 v 1 than 1 v 2 JJunGGler: Lolz JJunGGler: Lolz come 1 v 1 after game if you want JJunGGler: 3/9 is killing you 1 v 2 JJunGGler: Well JJunGGler: XDDDDDDDDDDD JJunGGler: btw ez you are more feeding than me JJunGGler: kills = more gold for enemy when you are riping JJunGGler: ez= ezreal JJunGGler: I said it to ezreal not to you JJunGGler: nc baron JJunGGler: we cant xD JJunGGler: they pushed our 3 inhi JJunGGler: xD JJunGGler: xd JJunGGler: xD Game 3 Pre-Game JJunGGler: Nope JJunGGler: Top/MId/Trolling JJunGGler: i picked supp? JJunGGler: No just riot can t fix their system JJunGGler: Okey ;* i m never playing supp when i have this position JJunGGler: And i they can t ban me ;* JJunGGler: Do you know why? JJunGGler: Because league have worst banning system ever i have seen JJunGGler: Thats why ;* JJunGGler: Did they ban anyone JJunGGler: ? JJunGGler: Ever? JJunGGler: Nope JJunGGler: I m not your supp In-Game JJunGGler: worth JJunGGler: good boy JJunGGler: you want make me troll? JJunGGler: kayn? JJunGGler: If you want i can go JJunGGler: No problem JJunGGler: kill him JJunGGler: Sure JJunGGler: Then i will go troll JJunGGler: COme heca i will feed you JJunGGler: wp kayn JJunGGler: Wp JJunGGler: izi as %%%%/%%%% JJunGGler: ez JJunGGler: ez JJunGGler: kayn is going top JJunGGler: run JJunGGler: ez JJunGGler: ez JJunGGler: ez JJunGGler: ez JJunGGler: ezzzzzzz JJunGGler: EZ JJunGGler: E + Z = EZ JJunGGler: SO EZ JJunGGler: LIKE EZ JJunGGler: EZZZ JJunGGler: ez JJunGGler: ez JJunGGler: well JJunGGler: ty JJunGGler: worth JJunGGler: ez JJunGGler: 200 iq JJunGGler: .ff JJunGGler: ;DD JJunGGler: Ofc JJunGGler: we can waste more time JJunGGler: ?? i nair ;D? JJunGGler: Riot mechanics <3 JJunGGler: so slow JJunGGler: like your brain JJunGGler: i m trolling but i m still better than 3 players in my team JJunGGler: Funny JJunGGler: XDDDDDDDDDDDD JJunGGler: You are doing something only thanks me JJunGGler: lol JJunGGler: i gave you 4 kills at start JJunGGler: Without it you should be nothing JJunGGler: END THIS OR SURRENDER JJunGGler: FAK OFF And thanks these games i have mute on 10 matches...I dont understant it when i m getting mute for said 2 times "ez as faking" but other players which ones are very toxic/rasist/sexsist not... Im from poland and one mounth ago on my other acc EUNE i have seen player which one said "Hitler made a fail.He should kill everyone from poland by gas when he had opportunity" Ofc i reported him but i didnt get information about ban or something... 2 days ago after it i looked on his match histori.. And what?He still was playing. Guys please tell me why riot have so bad banning system which one is really unfair a lots of times... Btw this is my second mute in league.. But i dont remember when i last time saw information about "we checked your report and gave mute/ban to this player" (Idk xD i dont remember how this information looks... Maybe i have seen it 2 or 3 years ago idk)
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