What do you think of this Pentakill with Veigar?

League of Legends One Trick Pony Veigar Pentakill - 1300+ AP
have fun with the video and if you enjoyed that one just leave a like if you want and subscribe me for more. Info: The draven and kayle were gold 5. This footage is from ranked flex.
Hey guys, I would like to know your opinion on this one. Its my first penta kill btw. Before I had 2 nearly Pentas in 1 Game too, but they were stolen by the adc. Well this gameplay footage was also filmed in ranked flex. I am bronze 2 in flex and silver 5 in solo queue. Kayle and Draven are gold 5 in solo duo and silver 4-5 in flex. Just a fun fact after I looked at op.gg :D Let me know about your thoughts. ^^
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