CLASSIC LEGENDS!, a series of clips that have their scenario wins, fails, epic, and random clips

Hello summoners, i like to introduce you CLASSIC LEGENDS! (all caps, no care >:] ) it is a league of legends series (duh) that have funny, wins, epic and random clips (or adventure) of scenario (as suggested by the title) that is appealed to be enjoyable, also the music on them is appropriate to make the clips much enjoyable to watch (my friends feedback tbh). This series uses mostly old games music (just so you know) and CLASSIC LEGENDS! will keep evolving through out the time, and YOU can make this series better by giving me feedback and negativity is acceptable and might be fixed, but the main thing is that my series's formula is still going to feel old because i like it that way, so yea :) . so without further ado, here's the link of my channel: /user/Rosario0X (put this beside, im doing this because any youtube channel put into here will let you in the latest upload not the link of the channel itself, sorry if its complicated) or search Armagadon643 You might see that my videos aren't in their appropriate places so i suggest that you watch them on the playlist i made: NOTE: i uploaded from episode 3 (RIP episode 1 and 2) till 25 because before i was doing it for my friends by having us remember clips we did in our games. so if you liked the series and want to support it, send your clips in this email: , or give me feedback about the series (like i said before). NOTE#2: if you think its boring in the first episodes you watch, my friends suggest to watch at episode 15 and further because there the series is improved by much but still, i myself suggest you watch it from the beginning to get a grasp clue of what to come and there are all sort of clips you might miss to watch if you started at episode 15. And that's about it, i hope you enjoy this series and share it with others so i can invest more into the series for you guys :]
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