Cancer_Story_(Champions) - I started to learn animation.

Omega Squad Teemo - Untold Story from Battlefield #Cancer_story_1_Teemo
My first animation, Omega Squad Teemo vs Garen/Lee/Talon/Graves & Heca Pony. I hope you will like it.
Hello gals and gays, Last night I got bored w8ing long ques so I started to draw some random things. And then got idea, I will make some half animate storys about league most loved champs aka "Cancer_Story". {{summoner:31}} So I made 2 videos for now, it would be nice if I get some feedback from you. They are not anything special but for first time they are okey. :D Maybe you find them funny too. First one is "Untold Story" by Omega Squad Teemo, what realy happend in the War. {{champion:17}} [Untold Story - Cancer_Story_Teemo]( Second video is about our skilled friend, {{champion:11}} how our friends from SR see him and how he sees them. {{item:3640}} [Master Yi vs "Free Farm" - Cancer_Story_Yi]( I hope that you will like it, Thank you and gl {{champion:154}}
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