Videos of high CS marksmen

Hi, I'm a Bronze V main Ashe trying to climb. I hear that improving your CS is one of the best ways to climb at this level, so I'm focusing on that. I have 4-5 practice sessions a week with the practice tool to improve my CSing. However, my CS is still very low, about 40 CS @10 on average, 60 in my best games. I want to find out what I'm doing wrong. I think a good way to find out can be to watch videos of marksmen who have high CS, like 90+ @10. Ideally I would watch replays of those guys, because then I could check every detail, like the HP of minions, playing slow motion, etc. But I don't even know if that's possible. Can I get somebody else's replay and watch it in my computer? If so, how? Failing the replays, I could also just watch plain videos in Youtube or elsewhere, but then I would need videos that follow the marksman all the time. If the video jumps from one champion to another then I can't see how the marksman farms. Advice?
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