A "new" type of guide.

Taric guide preview.
Bored, so I wanted to try out something new... Oh well, here goes nothing. Song is "Case closed - On My Way!" (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5LE_qzzMs5I)
So... I've been wanting to create something, but i've hit a wall with limitations because of computer and recording capabilities. My pc might as well have been some 5 years old, if not more. So... Bored, and brainstorming for ideas, I opened a recording software, went into a game. Cried for a bit when i saw i was stuck with 30-35 fps. But nontheless, I marched on. Heading off to my editing software later on, I was once again stuck, not a single idea headed my way. I had some simple footage, but my brain took a vacation, as I... "Dozed" off, I started making this. I caught myself after 5 minutes or so, and rendered, uploaded. Now I'm at the boards, hoping eagerly for your response, as to if this is something i should continue working on, or just drop it? It is kinda cliche humor, but it might bring out some joy for people with nothing better to do, idunno. Tell me what you think? -Yain

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