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Hey guys i am not sure if this is the right board to post this but i think this one fits the most, if it does not i am sorry :x But yea lets get to the topic real quick, I am a small streamer we recently got over 200 followers. I have been streaming for like 6 months pretty much daily. Now a few people were asking me if i have a youtube channel and sadly i had to answer with no since i dont have enough time to also edit and put up yt videos while streaming at the same time. I would like to change that tho, so thats why i am looking for an editor. Since i dont really earn money i cant really pay you, but i dont mind if u are inexperienced or u are not able to edit daily or anything like that. I dont expect u to be the Professional Editor that only works for my stream. I would rather consider it as a win win for inexperienced Editors to get a chance to try stuff out go at ur own pace in editing getting feedback on ur work and also maybe to do some commercial in my stream for ur others works if u want that :) I am not sure if there are some intrested people out there but if u are intrested u can just add me in league under thronseen / GrundigRasierer / onidemoni or just join the stream discord and write me there :) thanks for reading that long ass text and hopefully see u soon! :) {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}

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