How to Carry with Master Yi | GUIDE | ANTI-TANK META

How to carry with Master Yi | GUIDE S6 | PATCH 6.11
Simple steps that can help peeps get out of their elo struggle. Follow this shit, ignore what the other dipshits say, just stay off meta and you'll climb. Currently Gold 1 ( Demoted from inactivity ). Season 5: Plat 2 I don't own any of the musics.
Im a Yi main who was reached max rank Plat 2 last season. Laugh what you want, like i give a damn. Jk. Hope you guys enjoy, this really helps low elo players and some Yi players that are a bit lost in the current meta. Im not a fan of the meta tank, I don't really like that and I think it's kinda stupid to have a tank Fizz or Ekko 3 shotting your behind parts just like that. With that being said, I use this build, which gives me MR, ARM and it's FULL DMG basicly. Peace.

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