Can Pro-Games Have spectator VODS after Pro-league broadcast?

So I watched all LEC POV streams. And in my opinion it helped me a lot understanding the game in a player-by-player manner. And I was so frustrated that every week we can watch only two Pro-players or one IDK. But I was just thinking if the games were actually available in spectator mode. Like not at the time of LEC Or other League broadcast but like after the week or a certain amount of time I wish they were available. It's fun watching LEC and other leagues with casters, host and all that but I would really love if that feature is available on league client not like a live mode but like just a VOD in a spectator mode would be really helpful. It's one thing to watch Pro players in spectator mode on their solo Q accounts but it's more much informative to watch one pro player go 1 v 1 vs another pro player that's rare. I wish you give it a thought, Please.

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