I wish I was sick all the time...

Jhin, The Virtuoso - Lore Spotlight - League of Legends
For years, Ionia's southern mountains were plagued by the infamous 'Golden Demon'. Throughout the province of Zhyun, a monster slaughtered scores of travelers and sometimes whole farmsteads, leaving behind twisted displays of corpses. Armed militias searched the forests, towns hired demon hunters, Wuju masters patrolled the roads - but nothing slowed the beast's grisly work.
Just digging through my audio archives on who to do next and listening to my voice, I recall I recorded this video when I was sick. I really enjoyed the way my "sick" voice sounded as it really fit these champion's stories. Luckily, I recorded some audio for Karthus for when I do his video too, because I felt the raspy sickly voice really fit his theme. However, I am also pleased with the way I sound in other videos, where I'm healthy, but something about the quality and texture of my voice when it's sick really makes it sound better. I don't have a typical manly voice, which makes it rather easy for me to work on audiobooks where there are female characters. So I can portray them without sounding too manly. I quite like that, but I like this deeper version of it too. Just sharing my thoughts. And sharing my work. Check it out, maybe you'll like it.{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}

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