Looking for people who would be interested in joining a "Youtubish team"!!

Heyo summoners! How are you doing today? Quick introduction: I'm an 17 years old student from Lithuania, my nick is "Lofu" and I have thought of starting my own Youtube Channel for around 2 years. Haven't started it due to lack of any good equipment, so it took me a while to save up for a pc! However not so long ago I finally bought it and now I feel ready to start this interesting journey with a lot of obstacles and learning to do! And so I'm searching for people who would be either interested in doing Youtube Videos together or just play some normal games for fun and well.. YT clips. (Something similar to the CG team structure, aka Sp4zie, where they have around 9 guys and usually play together when there are at least 5 of them online :)) There are however couple of requirements: 1. 16 or older. 2. Keep in mind that we are just playing for fun and to create some footage for the great community of League, and thus we are not looking for people who would flame or rage at someone else! 3. Have clear microphone as well as decent english language skill. (However don't get discouraged if you think that yourenglish is not that good, it's probably better than mine and most of the people really underestimate their english knowledge!) 4. Be ready to commit and help out other group members wherever it is about Youtube or just help in every day life. Will be waiting for any replies over here or friend requests over the in-game application! Once again, you don't have to have a Youtube channel to join us, if you just want to get a nice group of people to play around with and well help us out with our dream of becoming big on YT, we are more than happy to have you with us!! Well enough of writing, have a nice day and I'm waiting for ya!
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