Looking for a broadcaster for Amateur LoL league, self-promotion opportunities in the post!

Hi Everyone, We are a small group of people with past experience at running a league and we are aiming to make this one of the best amateur leagues in EUW. To stream our games we are looking for people to stream the matches and handle the overlays (overlays will be provided). The days the matches are played on are Tuesday and Wednesday (if we can get sufficient streamers you don't have to stream both days). As an extra incentive we are willing to give streamers the opportunity to promote their own stream in various ways: - Small text saying broadcasted by: .... during the countdown timers/breaks. - We will have a list of links to our broadcasters' twitch channels in the description for the twitch channel. - Auto-host them on twitch. - (potentially) Have a separate announcement channel in our discord for them to post stream links in. Experience with OBS is preferred but not necessary. If you are interested in streaming for us or have any questions, leave comment below or add me and DM me on league: PixelTrooper (EUW).

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