What is the best League content? (in your opinion)

So basically I just started my YouTube channel and my first video was pretty well received with about 38 views and a few likes. I didn't post it to here or on Reddit or anything so I'm quite happy, my first video was a Lee Sin montage of one of the best Lee Sin players I know named Heizman. I put a lot of time into this video and it was very fun to make, montages are extremely time consuming though and it can often get boring to edit the same video 4 days later. This is also inefficient with me going to college and I fear my channel won't go anywhere. I also enjoy doing full game commentaries like Anklespankin and Captain Monk, they are a lot easier to edit and you can even put a few cuts on the boring parts to make it seem more clean and make the video shorter, I feel if I did this sort of content it would be a lot more fun and my channel might actually take off with me being able to post videos 3 times a week or so. I used to do educational content on an old channel like Foxdrop and Phylol, that channel got fairly popular but I feel like I was just rehashing things previous YouTubers had already said. I also really enjoy what Pants are Dragon and Gbay99 does where they log their progress through the ranks to reach their ultimate goals, I think this would be kind of fun to make but a little time consuming if you don't live stream which I don't have the time for. I don't know what I want to do really, I'm kind of leaning towards full game commentaries but I feel like that's a little bit cheap and slapdash, you might as well stream if you're going to do that as the main content on your channel, a few here and there isn't bad though. I would really enjoy logging my progress through the ranks to try and climb to whatever rating, I could even do it with weird champions like Teemo as a sort of secondary series along with the main climb. My problem is I'm not the best of players and it doesn't really seem like the sort of content you can do primarily on your channel, it seems like more of a side series than a main one. I don't know, what do you think? What do you enjoy watching and what would you seek out / subscribe to new YouTubers for? I'm curious and it might help sway my decision.
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