those lol twitch clips youtube videoes issue

so basically ,we all know the channels that just do nothing more than combine clips of daily lol plays by twitch streamers to make yt video and get 100,000-500,000 views for basically stealing material and putting it in simple moviemaker and jus putting poki on the title whenever they get the chance, while that was a problem ,I will admit I didn't care that much, and I enjoyed watching cuz it's just good to watch all streamers and their best moments,it's dishonest and unfair but it's not hurting anyone and is not that bad for the community if not already helpful, the issue I see,i am not sure why but after magikarbusedfly made a vid addressing this problem,calling them out for doing nothing and that it doesn't count as review cuz they add nothing on it, many channels started trying to be "funny", one of them is called (fun of legends), which like basically calls pro players trash left and right and puts so man cringy video mashups and offensive ones,very disrespectful to whomever they are making fun of after stealing their content, and many others fall into this category, and it's an issue we can't do anything about. thoughts? Rules to twitch or league content , consent from owner of clips?
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