league edit 'stahl'

STAHL by 5IVE Jaxi [League of Legends Edit]
♔Help us reach to 10.000 subscribers http://goo.gl/4UsMHA Jaxi finally releasing an edit, not scrapping, making moves. Crazy league edit, we love it! Go subscribe Jaxi Edits & support the dream. ❖Editor: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i6U9SDKjDsk ♫Song: Ask editor ❖5IVE Website: http://fiveteam.weebly.com/ ❖Twitter: http://twitter.com/5IVEgg ❖Facebook: http://facebook.com/5IVEgg ❖What is 5IVE Editing?
this is crazy, had to share it here. show some love

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