League edit 'LAST NIGHT PT. II'

Last Night pt. II by 5IVE Spliffiam [League of Legends Edit]
♔Help us reach to 10.000 subscribers http://goo.gl/4UsMHA Spliffiam never fails to amaze us, coming up with probably one of the coolest league edits up to date, don't even get me started on the impact jheeeze! Enjoy! ❖Editor: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCx7D_hGPy6nUlc9mQzuoTqA ♫Song: Ask editor ❖5IVE Website: http://fiveteam.weebly.com/ ❖Twitter: http://twitter.com/5IVEgg ❖Facebook: http://facebook.com/5IVEgg ❖What is 5IVE Editing?
had to share this as its completely nuts
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