Nasus for Dogs

Nasus for Dogs
While making this video I realized that I might bet the worst Nasus ever. Music: 1-Fucked With An Anchor for Dogs 2-Grand Theft Bork 3-Doggolovania. 💗 Subscribe:
{{champion:75}} {{champion:75}} {{champion:75}} {{champion:75}} {{champion:75}} {{champion:75}} {{champion:75}} {{champion:75}} {{champion:75}} {{champion:75}} {{champion:75}} {{champion:75}} {{champion:75}} {{champion:75}} {{champion:75}} {{champion:75}} {{champion:75}} I was listening to a playlist on youtube and then a song with dog vocals played, then I got an idea for a video. **_Hope you like it ^^._** {{champion:75}} {{champion:75}} {{champion:75}} {{champion:75}} {{champion:75}} {{champion:75}} {{champion:75}} {{champion:75}} {{champion:75}} {{champion:75}} {{champion:75}} {{champion:75}} {{champion:75}} {{champion:75}} {{champion:75}} {{champion:75}} {{champion:75}}

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