Female streamers

What's up with them? Why are most, if not all of them popular merely because they're a girl? I find it ridiculous. Sure the audience is mostly consisting of men, but do you really have to almost pop a boob out to get a few thumbs up from them? Glad Twitch made the decision to ban inappropriate clothing, because I'm tired of seeing cleavage when looking through live streaming. Of course, audience isn't the only one to blame for this. Female streamers already have a off-putting image because a few female streamers found easy money by pretending to be a whiny, little child on camera, except that they have boobs and know how to work the angles to make the best shots for their hungry audience. When the webcam is larger than the game itself, I know it's a stream I don't want to come by! The stereotype for female streamers ("grills") is horrible in my opinion, and I really wish that these fake personalities just go off somewhere else so the real streamers can step forwards and show that hey, girls can stream and game just as well as men can and with proper clothing on. Just checked Twitch, and I found only stereotypes of female streamers, with the exception of one. Disappointed. :/
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