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Geekician. 16 likes. Geek + Musician = Geekician ! League of Legends player, i'm posting videos about LoL such as tutorials, montages, games, builds,...
Hi, fellow league players ! My name is Geekician and i've been playing league since season 2. I've started shooting and editing some league of legends videos 2 months ago and i got really lucky because my first real video was reposted by Machinima, which gave me an incredible amount of views for a new channel (350 000 views so far ! ) : [the video is here]( I will be posting a few videos each weeks, containing full games, commentaries, tutorials, cool montages & plays, unknows tricks & tips, and basically anything that you ask ! I read and answer every comment on my youtube videos, so feel free to ask me anything - whether it's about league or about other topics. You can also ask me any questions here on this board, i'll answer to them for sure ;) Thank you for reading, and maybe watching my vids. GL & HF ! Geekician My facebook page : []( My youtube account : [](
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