[Volunteer Christmas] Community Stream!

Happy Snowdown !

It's December, which can only mean one thing. Snowdown is here.

Like the previous years, we Volunteers are hosting a special event for you to join in. With the spirit of keeping traditions, I'll be hosting the 3rd annual creative stream. Join me as I create something League related live on stream for you to follow.

We've already made a Poro christmas ornament the first year, and a poro stocking + mitten the next. However, this year I'm stepping it up a notch, and I've got something bigger planned.

I'm moving my creative stream from my desk, and into the kitchen. It's time to bake a cake, a Poro cake.

Date and time

The stream will take place on Friday the 21st, at 18:00 CET.

Depending on how much time the cake takes, we'll try to host some community games as well. You're all more than welcome to play games with each other while watching.

We'll also be giving out ward skins to some lucky viewers.
We hope you'll drop by and watch the cake come to life.

You'll find the stream at twitch.tv/Hansiman

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