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Hey guys, I watch Phy's vids about balance changes since Scarra has seemingly given up on playing league or talking about his point of view on the state of the game. Kind of pefered Scarra's video's since they were mostly on point and if you'd play what he would say he thought might become stronger (he saw the liandry's change as a positive thing and not much later alot of those champs using got stronger, for example) you'd pick up free wins because of it. Sadly he seems to have given up so I have to resort to other people and Phy became that person. In his latest video he mentions that Kayle is going to get another mini rework aswel as Aurelian sol but when I try to google it all I get is video's in Turkish or Frensh instead of an more universal language like English............... Were can I find information that is made avalible for people who took the time to learn an universal language regarding pbe updates and other places were Phy gets his info? (I dont feel like waiting till he finishes his new video before I find out what the changes are to these champions) Hope someone can help me out with a link or something.. (the surrender at 20 website still shows the pantheon pbe patch so that one is kinda useless)
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