[Suggestion] Prevent lvl 1 players from adding you

Hi there :) lately I've run into the trouble that a couple of lvl 1 accounts keep adding me (lvl 1, no games played), and I'm tired of clicking them away every time I log on. While I do suspect that they are advertising bots (never actually accepted such a friend request from a stranger that has never even played a game) I would love to have the option to block friend requests. Even better would be the option to chose different filters (below level 5, level 30, has to have had played a game recently with you, no friends requests at all, there are many possibilities...). Even adding the bots to my ignore list appears to have no effect on their ability to add me, which is frankly quite sad. So please allow us to create a filter of what kind of people may add us ingame. A small filter to make every day life at the rift more enjoyable for a lot of people that get plagued by advertisement :) have a nice day =)
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