Supports & Dynamic Queue - A bigger Problem

First off all, this not another complaining thread about how I always get support no matter what I choose. If you read through the forums atm you fine this complaint a lot. I mean the issue sesms clear, we have few players willing to play support and the number will dwindle even more in a matter of time as nobody wants to play support every single game. We don't have this problem with other roles. So how about we talk about the real problem here and not about the symptoms? Playing support in a not premade team just (mostly) isn't enjoyable. Why you may ask? * Relying on another player (If you think you're way better than your league and you want to rank up, you clearly don't want to depend on the skill of another person) * Relying on your team (Same issue here, however, even more impactful. Most supports are based on protection, iniation and crowdcontroll. Very few of them have actually the damage to singlehandly take down opponents, as examaple, a good Leona can possibly win a game with her kit, however she needs her team to at least follow up) * Not being able to play to the full strength of the supporter role (In a premade team I often take secondary task as a support. I don't have to pay much attention to farming, so I can watch the map, calling out incoming ganks or make decisions like pushing for objectives based on my improved map awareness. In high level team games you can often see a supporter to make most of the calls. Why? Because he has the time to do so. This sadly doesn't apply as much to solosqueue as in a bigger premade group/full team. Of course you can ping etc. but it won't really do as much as being able tocommand your team via voice chat.) * Rarely beeing able to see your impact on the game as a support (Yeah you can see how much you healed as a Soraka. But have you ever been endorsed and heard "xy carried" or even a wp? I've played many games as a support but hits happens very rarely) * No flashy plays (Most supports are just boring to play, not matter how strong they are, falling in line with champions like Warwick or Mundo. The fact that you will never be able to kill anyone makes this point much worse for supports) So what can we do? Riot doesn't really need to change the Dynamic Queue, its more or less fine. What Riot really needs to tackle is the lack off fun in playing support. They made some great changes already, support/gold items are a huge step in the right direction, so is the limitation of wards etc. (Remember supports being a ward dispenser without finishing more than 2 items? Ah, horrible times.) Sadly its not enough. The implementation of the Dynamic Queue shines a light at the problem, maybe its time to act. If you have any suggestion what changes would be doable feel free to post them here for discussion, I'm glad to hear your opinion. Take into consideration that adding damage to the supports is pretty much impossible as it would more or less delete the role from the game. Thank you for your time reading through this wall of text.
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