Dodging Queue Bug

Hello, as you all know, if you dodge a game in ranked in champ select you get some punishment depending on how many times you've done that on that day, but I think the system is bugged atm. The first game dodged on a day is supposed to be a -3 LP and 5 minute queue joining punishment, the second game of the day is supposed to be a -10 LP and 30 minute queue joining punishment, the third being -30LP and 3 hours if i'm not misaken (haven't tested it yet). However, these queue dodging timers should reset at around 2 AM CET, but that doesn't seem to be the case anymore. Yesterday I dodged 2 games with around 6 hours difference between them and the result was -3 LP and - 10 LP for the second one plus the time penalty, which is normal, however today on the first game I dodged in champ select since I figured our team comp had not chance to beat a protect the kog comp with the drafter comp was - 10 LP and 30 min penalty. I've seen something similar about a week ago, but that was because I had dodged a normal draft game earlier that day and from what I've head even though Riot stated they would soon fix that issue it still wasn't implemented. Still, that is not the problem I have. The real issues is I lost 10 LP instead of 3 LP today on a first dodge of the day which shouldn't have happen. I'm not asking to get my LP back cause that would be impossible and stupid, i'm just asking for this issue to be worked on and FIXED since this is one of the only ways to work around trolls in champ select!

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