Please, I just want to play my main role.

Good day fellow summoners, I don't think I have posted much in the past, but i have been around pretty much since the start of the game on many different accounts. Never have I been more frustrated with League than at this stage. I was looking forward to the new champ select, the new season, even the dynamic Q sounded like a welcome change! What however turned into what seemed to be a dream, quickly changed into a nightmare. Over 80% of my games in the new champion select have been on my secondary role. I know people will tell me to learn different roles, to adapt to the new rules, but its extremly frustrating to be unable to play your new role. It does not matter if I enter Mid/Top, Mid/Support, Mid/Jungle or Mid/Fill. I always seem to get my secondary role. Due to health issues I am unable to fully commit alot of time lately, so just sticking for one role suits me at the moment. Why is it so hard to allow people to have the role they want? At this stage I vastly superior prefer the old champion select over the new one. Its frustrating and unfun. Ide rather sit 40 minutes into a Q and get the lane I want, then play a role im only half decent at and actually be unhelpfull towards my time, feeding at times. I know I will get alot of negative comments, downvotes, whatever u want to call them, I just wanted to share my 2 cents. Thanks for reading ~ Nuunna ~
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