Going ranked with experienced champions

As we all see nowaday you see a lot of people going for the FOTM champions.. They think they are instantly lcs pro whenever they can freely pick those champions. The reality is that they play it for the first time or 2nd or 3th and get burried beneith yorick.. Maybe an idea to get this stuff solved by linking the champion experience to the ranked system that you can only pick certain champions you know how to play them instead of practicing them in ranked games. Getting in ranked is to easy and i think people should get challanged before even be able to join the ranked battlegrounds. Now you only need to have a certain amount of champions to get to play ranked but this is just TO EASY. I would say link the champion mastery also to it so you don't get these problems anymore. You get more champion variaty and people can't play FOTM instantly anymore unless they trained the champion. Also change the amount of champions players can enter ranked to an X amount of champions that reached Mastery 4/5 only able to join if they have 2 of each class that makes 10 too if it's not more. Pro's: - Less unkowledged champions in ranked (less feed or 20 minute bashers) - Less boosting - Increase of skill + balance for both team knowing what they do. - More plays / More fun to play - No bots - Matches get more serious and skilled because players have to use their mind and skill to win a match Cons: - Need to play longer to get a shot on ranked (wich is not realy a con because you get experienced playing certain champions) - Less pick choice so ranked matches get well balanced (who counters who and how to counter your counterpick wich also gives you a big increase of experience) Sorry if my english is pretty bad but hope you understand and like the idea.
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