5 SoloQ premades

I would like to report some bug or hack . I just had 2 games in row which the enemy team had amazing team work at 1st game and our team feed so hard . at the end of the game I think .. ok its just bad game lets play another one . and the next game was a super surprise for me . 5 players are the same (same names + same picks + same lanes ) its like a rank team . I was like : WTF is this a mistake ? how ? I even asked if that was a rank team cuz I was so much confused so If possible riot explain this to me . is this a bug ? or just random lucky 5 enemies were grouped like this what bother me is not the 5 premade . its the team work and the information transfer they do in so fast time which isn't usual on soloq on my div and even at higher div I think so please Help me out with this . it really put me in very bad feelings , cuz its not suppose to happen I can provide game replay , if needed. this is the players names: Lil Väyne The Thugnificent DONHTHS PuG3o6 PHD Nagin
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