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Greetings Summoners, I wanted to suggest a rating System for reports similar to the system we had at the tribunal. **How would it work?** Ingame in your profile you can see: 1. How many reports you made. 2. How many reported people got a punishment (even after some time after you reported them) 3. What your successful report ratio is (= successful reports / total reports ) BUT only you can see your stats and no other player who views your profile sees it. **Why should it be added?** 1. _Feedback:_ I often hear from friends or other people that the report system doesn't punish bad behaviour. Thats because we got no feedback if someone got punished after some time. The only feedback we would get is, if our report was the last one before punishment. With this system we would get feedback even if its late feedback. 2. _Prevent abuse of reports:_ It could prevent people from reporting others just for playing Teemo (or other stuff). Most people would like to get a good rating so they would stop reporting stuff that gets their rating down. And you would only report behaviour you would really thing is punishable and toxic. **Additional Ideas:** Justice-Badge: It could be possible to get a badge if your report rating is over a certain value. Example: If you reported at least x times and got a successful report ratio of 90%. Then you get the badge and everyone can see it at the loading screen. I would appreciate additional ideas and constructive critism. Sincerely yours, Tenjirou P.S.: Sorry for my english. It's not my mother tongue.
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