[SUGGESTION] Baseball Ekko

I've been thinking about this for a long time and it's time to share with you and Riot Staff. As you know that there are very few Ekko skins, and Riot should make a new one. He as hero (as it seems) can have myriad skin's. I've come up with one that I liked a lot, and it's Baseball Ekko. For example, his Q is a baseball ball he throws. His suit can be of baseball equipment and cap, such as batters. His E shall be normal but only about him to appear some grass. W, can be something like stadium and his shadow have to hit the ball and he creates it. Ultimate, or R, it can be like running to the location where his shadow is. Sorry for bad english not really good with it, but I hope you guys understand this. Leave some comments below if you liked this idea. {{champion:245}}
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