Skin Missing??

I had the Eternum Rek'Sai skin gifted by a friend to me. Since I was missing 50 RP to get the skin, I sent him a mystery champion gift and an Ezreal skin, and he sent me the reksai skin. Today, his account was permanently suspended cuz of charge back or some crap? Anyways, I went in game as Reksai today, my fav champ, and the skin is.... gone? I mean it makes NO SENSE to take a skin off me cuz my friend made a mistake, and not even give me my RP back that I traded him for that skin. Rito plz, its my fav champ, Idk if this is a bug but Im guessing that happened bcuz of his account getting suspended. Idk what to do, I cant afford more RP, especially not after the RP you get was lowered. Is this a bug? I really love this champ and I will continue playing it, and the only reason he gifted it to me is since I was missing such little RP for it. This sucks man, I didnt even get a message/email saying that would happen.
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