@RIOT Champion idea (or do you have similair ideas in mind for the future?)

I tought of a cool support that looks like a bipedal elephant (not going any further into looks or lore) Passive: Every 13 seconds his next basic attack will grant him stealth for 4 seconds. stealth is lost when casting or attacking, and the duration is increased by 2 seconds if his basic attack hit a jungle monster. Q: Shoots out a fast longranged skillshot, tagging an enemy champion. if another allied champion comes close the tag is removed and deals a very low amount of damage while giving the ally who triggered it a shield. W: On cast stops movement and starts blowing sand in a long cone in front of him, knocking enemies caught in the first hit back a very small distance. If he remains stationary any enemy that walks towards elephant is slowed for a large amount. if he starts moving the slow effect dissapears and the duration is shortened. enemies caught within the cone take damage every split second untill they step out of the cone. E: Heavyweight: Passive: reduce the duration of knockups by 15-25% Active: His next basic attack will deal damage based on the targets armor and magic resistance and lowers their armor. R: Midnight Sandstorm: Takes a small moment to channel, but you can walk during the channel. After channeling the elephant creates a dark sandstorm in a large area around him that moves with him. enemies caught withing the initial cast are blinded for 0,5 seconds or untill their next basic attack. while being within the area, enemies can't see beyond their champion vision and have their champion vision reduced a lot. enemies outside the area can't look in. The Elephant is revealed globally for the duration of the ultimate. @RIOT. Do you have any plans to make a tank that uses vision reduction as a form of hard cc? or to make a support with stealth? I'd really like to see more of the vision reduction and blind abilities in the game, they have potential to make great and unique abilities. Also, can we have an elephant champion, it would fit in with the Shurima theme and we all love animal hybrids that are not Yordles!

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