Ranked Problem - Sistem of Correction idea

Hey guys, sorry about some fails in my english but it's not my main language, so I'm just here to discuss about something that people have been struggling alot that is leavers or AFK'ers', but the higher the elo the less it's suppose to happen, I've delt with to many leavers, and I understand it happens to anybody, but rankeds are to important even with that excuse to not be mad at them, but still I don't give that mutch importance, by the way Iam only Gold V, but still learning, and today I experienced a really bad ranked (not in gaming way) but in behaviour of players. I tried to put an image, not sure if it's going to work. But I was playing as Annie{{champion:1}} in mid lane, when my top lane is loosing (Gnar){{champion:150}} , and then Gnar constantly ask's for our jungler (udyr){{champion:77}} , to help him out, but the feeding goes on, and he keeps asking for help, but then Udyr rage quits, leaving the game, Gnar keeps the feeding going and going, bot lane loosing a little bit not bigg deal and my mid was going even, but then Gnar rage quits to, bot lane goes to altar both of them and stay there AFK, and look at me there playing so mutch fun trying to win some rankeds, actually getting a decente laning phase, seing myself alone 1 v 5, I didn't rage, didn't flame, but the thing here is I lost 17 lp, not huge deal? Well it became huge deal for me, mainly because 4 people's destructive behaviour facing a ranked game, and I'm not asking for banns (yes I reported all of them not for bad attitude but for obvious reasons), all I'm asking is for the lovely Riot team that i never thanked enough for the amazing job and work they are giving to this game, to create a sistem of instante help agaisnt this players. I think that 1 afk everybody has at least sometimes a weak or once a weak , and i dnt think that's a big deal, but this events ocurr rarely and should be highlighted mutch more, I just propose that we get our lp protected agaisnt this games, I know what you're saying ''But then all players that are loosing will leave the game to protect theire lp, but no. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ My idea is that people should still lose lp and the winner OF COURSE win the normal lp, just suggesting that leavers loose a bigger percentage (%) of the total lp loss than everybodyelse, i think it will be a really huge step for you but definitly will make leavers think twice before acting childish and ruining more people games, and the ideia was the total lp loss for example(a normal ranked game) we loose Mid - 17 , Adc -18, Top-20 , Sup - 17, Jungler - 19 total lp whitch makes a total of 91 lp if Im correct. The difference would be of course discussable but in case of a leaver, the lp lost would be reduced by around 5-25% (depending on how long the player left, and maybe other factors) of each players that didn't left the game, added to the leaver, this might be to arsh on people but it will definitly restrict more the rage quiters, Afker's, leaver's. And you might say ''What about the disconected players they will get disavantages due to theire connection, well as riot mentions in Leaver Buster, ''If you're having connection problems contact us or get them fixed before entering a game'', well something like that, but as you can see, if you have connection problems you shouldn't insist on going into rankeds, because you will risk destroying more than you gameplay experience, but other players gameplay experience. Thank you for the attention, hope this get's a response and sorry for probably many incorrect english sentences. I think that this is a great idea that should be considered.
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