Sterak's Gage completly bugged and Darius W animation bug and Garen basic attack during judgement.

Sterak Gage currently is not giving any ad. It did give me once 5% and 10% when Primal Rage but after that game it no longer gave bonus. I've tested many times even in custom, Lv 12 I had 108 ad with darius and bought Sterak Gage and it stuck on 108 ad (only masteries and runes to reach 108) with or without the item I didn't receive any extra ad, also even when on Primal Rage. Also Darius W, if you auto and imediatly use your W, the W does not have any animation at all. Its not "canceling animation" it just doesn't even happen. I don't know if it could influence the game or not but its still pretty messy. You don't even see W going in. It was a normal match, the opponent was auto'in while doing judgement, I can't give much info about this one because it only occured once or twice but it could be probabbly auto and canceling with judgement, enabling to auto meanwhile? I don't know sorry about this one.
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